Carbonara, Moral Laxity, and Other Pleasing Roman Traditions


The pre-Christian Roman Empire has never been known for its high-moral standards. Current day views of the period conform to strong physical violence and unchaste excess. Even the orgy allegedly reigned in popularity during this period in antiquity. Society, at that time, achieved a lasting reputation for advocating sexual debauchery.…

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Better Together: Why you Should Cook With Your Partner: aka: Halibut in Provincial Sauce

The claim that aphrodisiac foods and spirits increase desire, intensify the capacity for sexual enjoyment, and expand ones appetite for lust lacks proof from dietitians and scientists. Yet, romantic meals repeatedly procure love into people’s lives. Is it the awakening of the sensory faculty that helps people relax and open…

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Artichokes: The Hidden Heart aka Steamed Artichokes with Green Goddess Dressing

There is something ritualistic about eating a freshly steamed artichoke, stripping away each leaf one by one to reveal a moist, delectable heart prized by man and woman alike. The Greeks associated the artichoke with the goddess Cynara. Legend has it that Zeus upon spotting the mortal, Cynara, fell in…

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