Naked Skype


Whenever my man or me have to travel, we keep in touch with the help of “Skype”, a wonderful computer program that allows people to video chat while online. Thanks to Skype couples, friends, family or complete strangers can easily access each other. To get the program on your computer you must go to and download this program onto your hard drive, set up an account, and then search for whom ever you wish to chat with online. If you have a video camera, (as a couple you must must must have one on your computers) you can view the person you are talking with over the Internet as well as hear them.

Thanks to “Skype” my baby and I don’t miss a beat when we’re on the road. We even naked Skype which helps spice it up when we are apart. Naked Skype is not just for lovers though.  It can be for anonymous video sex too.

I have a girlfriend, who will remain unnamed, who meets random dudes on Skype to naked Skype with whenever she is bored and horny at her apartment in Tokyo. I can definitely see the benefits of naked Skype with strangers because at least I know it’s safe. Obviously you don’t want to give them your home phone or address though…duh!!!!

I love this dear unnamed friend because she lives life by her own rules and isn’t afraid to be as kinky as she wants to be. In my opinion, this is how a good life should be lived. If I had lived a life of following rules, who knows where I would be? One thing is certain; it definitely wouldn’t be where I am right now!

I just want to say thanks to Skype for making sex a little bit more fun and accessible. You keep me in touch with friends around the world, and get me off when my man or me are out wandering the earth. No one likes to see their love off into the big world and now there is a solution for long distance lovers to keep it spicy.

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